Gallery Gab: Fred G. Sanford

You know the Kaaterskill Fine Arts & Crafts Gallery, sure…but do you know the things that live there? We decided to do a series of interviews with some of the art – not the artist, but the art itself – so you could really get to know some of the amazing things our little gallery has to offer. First up is the subject of Larry Gambon’s composite photograph, “Fox in Flight,” which is back in the gallery for this season’s holiday show.


You’re titled “Fox In Flight,” but who are you? What’s your name?

My name is Fred G. Sanford, I’m a red fox.

Where are you from?

I’m from Yellowstone National Park. It’s beautiful out there. My picture is at the Kaaterskill Fine Arts & Crafts Gallery in Hunter.

When was your picture taken?

Oh let’s see, that winter we had a surplus of mice, so it had to be 2013. I believe it was February.

Why are you diving into the snow?

Fox in Flight

“Fox in Flight” by Larry Gambon

Well, I was hungry. You can’t see anything under all that snow, so I listen for prey, and dive for it when I hear something. It’s a hard living, but it’s living. That photographer happened to catch me just as I found a vole. I’d been hunting foran HOUR without finding anything until then.

Who was the photographer?

Larry Gambon took my picture. I hear he’s a landscape and wildlife photographer, but he takes pictures of other things, too.

Do you know Larry?

Not really, but I’ve seen him around. He took some pictures of the big horned sheep next door, and he’s in Yellowstone quite often. The beavers saw him there at least four times last year. He’s the talk of the Park when he shows up.

Have you ever met Ansel Adams?

No. We foxes only live about five years or less; I’d rather be hunting voles.

Do you ever feel like getting yourself a camera and snapping back at the photographers?

No. I think all photographers are sick. They are obsessive, compulsive, and spend gobs of money on tons of equipment…and it’s never enough!

I hate to be political, but what do you think of English fox hunts?

I think it is organized murder disguised as sport.

Do you like it in the Gallery?

It’s no wilderness, but it’s actually very nice. There are Fine Arts and Crafts everywhere, and the Gallery Manager Elle takes good care of me. I stick around, but Elle is always hanging interesting new shows.

Where would you like to be after the Gallery?

Oh, that’s a good one…I think I’d like to be in a rustic cabin somewhere, hung above a real stone fireplace. Either that, or a super modern, top floor apartment in New York City.

Those choices seem pretty drastically different.

The heart wants what it wants, I suppose.


The Kaaterskill Fine Arts & Crafts Gallery is currently exhibiting the Holiday Show, and is open Friday – Saturday from 9 – 5PM, and Sunday from 10 – 4PM. Stop by to visit Fred! Who knows, maybe you’ll even be inspired to take him home. He is looking for a rustic cabin someplace…

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