From the Vaults: Vicki Thompson on “In Process”

When you’re working for such a busy organization with a million things going on all at once (hey, that sounds like the Catskill Mountain Foundation. Hint hint.), sometimes things fall by the wayside – they get lost, put at the bottom of the to-do list, buried under a pile of papers on your desk – but sometimes those things truly deserve to see the light of day…and while I’d love to print out this interview and leave it on the sunny sidewalk to catch some rays, I think the CMF blog will have to do for now. Anyway.

BEHOLD: back from the depths of unpublished Google Documents, my interview with Vicki Thompson on her October 2015 show in the Kaaterskill Fine Arts & Crafts Gallery, “In Process.”


This show was partially a result of you working for the Foundation, correct? How did you get involved with CMF?

Yeah, I would say it’s safe to assume. I worked for CMF as the Programming Assistant. I found out about the job through a great friend, Cara, who used to work there. I went over and had dinner with her and her amazing family one night, and the next day I had an interview and a job! It was great! I worked closely with Pam Weisberg and Carolyn Bennett. Carolyn had mentioned that she wanted me to have a show. I ended up leaving CMF but kept in touch with Carolyn and we set a date for the exhibit. The rest is history.

Your show was a huge success. Why do you think your work resonated so well with the community?

In my eyes and heart the show was a more of a success than I ever could have imagined. I have always felt a strong amount of support around me but have never seen it in a tangible sense until the night of the opening. I was deeply touched by everyone who came out. Halfway through the opening more than half of the paintings were sold, and I couldn’t believe it. I went into the show thinking I’d maybe sell a couple of pieces if I was lucky. I’m not exactly sure what resonated so well with the 561e9f9ba03f2.imagecommunity but I thoroughly enjoyed talking with each individual who showed up about art and life. I think about 20 pieces of the 24 on display ended up selling until the shows end, and I’m grateful.

Have you always been a painter? Do you work with other mediums, or have any other passions?

I have always be fascinated by art and how it simultaneously brings serenity and chaos to my mind. It’s been the only constant throughout my life. Painting is accessible, so that’s the medium I’m most often working with. You can do it anywhere and at anytime. I love drawing and writing as well.

I’ve heard that you’re quite accomplished in yoga. Can you tell me about that?

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 10 years now and love every aspect of it. Now that I am teaching it I have a whole new perspective. Designing each class opens so many creative doors. It’s amazing how theme, body movement and breathe can all come together to evoke harmony. I am a better person when I do yoga. I think we all are.

What are you up to lately besides teaching yoga? (tell me about the Boundless Art
project and any other projects/jobs you might have)

I’ve been working to make Boundless Art Project an official 501c3. All this adult paperwork and stuff is hard! We have been putting together more bags for hospitals and working continuously to share more and more creativity. Inspiring others and sharing creativity is what it all comes down to. After the show at the gallery, I received a picture text message from a good friend of his daughter painting after she went to the show. I thought that was the biggest compliment I could have asked for! I hope to continue to share the gift of art and be inspired by others as well as inspire others. I have been working on some private commissions which is really nice for 561e9fcd9569d.imageme to be personally asked to create for someone. I am just going with the flow really. And besides all of that, just taking care of myself so I can continue to do all of these things I love.

What’s next for Vicki Thompson?

What’s next? Good question, I like putting intentions out into the universe! I am going to believe in myself as I continue to grow and learn. I am committing to exploring this art world more and hope to see great things come from it both as an artist and an art therapy practitioner. I hope to keep forming connections and finding inspiration daily.

If anyone is interested in helping out with the Boundless Art Project, please e-mail me at Boundless Art has a GoFundMe still running at that is accepting donations. We are always looking for donated art materials and help with deliveries and such. And, lastly, if you are interested in a commission, please reach out to me via email as well. I’d love to hear from you!

Though “In Process” was only up until late November, Vicki’s back in the gallery! Stop by and see a few of her new pieces on display. The gallery is open Friday, Saturday, and Monday from 10AM-4PM, and Sunday 10AM-3PM.


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