Moments that Keep a Gospel Singer Humble: Alexis P. Suter, Gospel Singer & Cat Owner

The Catskill Mountain Foundation has never experienced a shortage of incredible people to talk to, and my latest incredible conversation was with Alexis P. Suter. We talked about her career in music, and how it may have been a career caring for animals instead. Luckily for us, she decided that owning a cat was enough to satisfy her love of pets.

Alexis P Suter photo

How did you go from singing house and dance music to blues and rock?

Vicki Bell and I were in the studio one day, and discovered that we both had awesome ideas and a creative appetite to do more than dance music, and we wanted to explore other avenues. So blues was a perfect match for me and my vocal style, while having a background in Gospel made it really easy to jump right in feeling like we belong there.

What was it like opening for people like BB King and Etta James?

Opening for legends like BB King and Etta James was mind blowing to say the very least. I opened for BB 6 or 7 times – each time was amazing. Moments like that  keep me humble; knowing so many others could have been chosen, but us Brooklyn kids got to do it, that’s amazing.

Do you think it’s important for music to be part of people’s lives?

Music should be mandatory in people’s lives because it has healing agents in every note, every melody, and every chord….it’s the one thing in life that is designed by emotion.

What advice can you give to young musicians?

To those that want a serious career in music, prepare yourself for anything! There are many up’s and down’s, but if you are happy and passionate about your craft, then do what you love. And while you are at it, GET AN EDUCATION!!!  This business is not for the thin skinned, and for that reason alone, have something to fall back on and leave the rest to us warriors.

alexis suter 1Did you always want to be a musician?

I never wanted to be anything else but a musician, except maybe a veterinarian because I love animals. I figured I’d own a cat and sing, so it sorta worked out.

What’s your favorite song to sing, and why?

I love “Oh Holy Night,” this song really moves my soul. Singing it brings great peace to me, and my love of Christmas, because it is about Grace, family, and love.

What is your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place in the world is home with my beautiful family, who I love with my life. The joy I feel when I am with them lifts me with love, and nothing in the world can compare to that, nothing.

What does music mean to you?

Music means total freedom to me. No boundaries, no shame, total expression of self, vulnerability, nakedness, truth, pain, joy, happiness, love, acceptance!!!


Experience the talent that is the Alexis P. Suter Band on February 13th at 8PM in the Orpheum Film & Performing Arts Center, where they will be joined by the Ray Blue Organ Trio. For tickets or more information, call 518-263-2063 or go to