Meet Cara Dantzig, The CMF Would Be Lost Without Our Black Olive Eating Administrative Assistant


Meet Cara, the administrative assistant at the Catskill Mountain Foundation. She is groovy, intelligent and one of the most giving people I ever have met. I am proud to share bits and pieces of her large personality with the public.  ~Vicki Thompson

A favorite quote of yours? 

I don’t really have a favorite quote that popped in my head, but I keep hearing in my head…. “We were born before the wind,” Van Morrison.

What do you enjoy most about the CMF?

The hustle and bustle. There’s always things going on, great things. It’s interesting getting to interact with all kinds of people throughout my day.

A favorite food?

Oh goodness, I really love black olives.

That’s so weird


I don’t know, that’s just a random one. 

I do, pitted or not pitted, right out of the can or right out of the deli department.

Hm, I’ll have to try it out. Least favorite thing about humanity?

I think people really not being aware there’s other people among them, being really selfish. We’re all sharing space and time here.

Most favorite thing about humanity?

Were so smart and creative and I think we pull from each other in that positive way.  I also think when it comes down to it, people will help each other out in time of need……

Imaginary getaway?

A big, beautiful tree house, It wouldn’t have to big, it would just have to magical. Beautiful fabrics, rugs, wind chimes and pretty circle windows. And the tree is covered in moss.

How do you think CMF has had a positive impact on the community?

They’ve created jobs for our local community. Also, they’ve provided arts for the community by allowing local artists to participate in the gallery and have a say on how to present their work. I think main street in Hunter would look really sad if the theater wasn’t beautiful, and if this building (Hunter Village Square) wasn’t beautiful.

What are you Lils and Chris dressing up as for Halloween?

Well today, Lilly is going to be Peter Pan, so we’ll see what happens that day but in her mindset she wants to be peter pan. So I have to make a costume and find some tights.

Are you going to dress up?

I don’t know, I don’t think so. Maybe something silly  Last year I was a disco detective here in the office. I have this polyester jumpsuit that I rocked that and I wore this private eye hat and glasses with the mustache and nose. I think I have to see how I feel that morning.

Were you the only one in the office who dressed up?


Of course!

People were coming in the door, and here I am.

Haha, Having fun in your space! Now  for some free association….

Music? joy

Dancing? joy twice.

Art? great

Peace? Love

Duck Sauce? Bonkers

Big Ears? ooooooh.DSC_5339

This is Cara’s Favorite tree from her window in the CMF office.


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